Frequently asked questions

Can I use regular guitar strings on a Woodpecker Travel Series?

Yes. Feel free to use your favorite brand of guitar strings. We use Aquila strings because we believe they provide the best sound on a smaller body guitar.

Is the Woodpecker Travel Series in standard tuning?

Yes. You can tune the Woodpecker Guitar in standard (eadgbe) tuning, but it is also possible to tune the Woodpecker Travel Guitar in a guitalele tuning.

Can I use a strap on my Woodpecker Travel Guitar?

Yes you can. All of our guitars have a button to attach a strap.

Can I plug the Woodpecker Travel Guitar in a amplifier?

Yes this is possible. You can add a piezo and tuner on your Woodpecker Guitar. This is optional.

Can I carry my Woodpecker Travel Guitar on a airplane?

Yes, our Woodpecker Travel Series is just small enough to use it as hand luggage.

How heavy is a Woodpecker Travel Guitar?

It is around 1 kg (2.2 lbs) so it is portable and easy to carry around.